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Anthony, Tracy G.Associate ProfessorSEBSNutritional SciencesAmino Acids, Skeletal Muscle, PERK, FGF-21, Protein, eIF2, Immune system, GCN2, mTOR, Liver, Pancreas, Brain, Endoplasmic Reticulum, ATF4, BCAA
Brasaemle, Dawn L.ProfessorSEBSNutritional Scienceslipids, lipolysis, perilipins
Breslin, Paul ProfessorSEBSNutritional Sciencestaste
Byrd-Bredbenner, Carol Professor/Extension Specialist, Co-Director of Graduate ProgramSEBSNutritional SciencesNutrition education, dietary intake, health
Dixon, Joseph L.Associate ProfessorSEBSNutritional SciencesArteriosclerosis, Lipoprotein
Fisher, Hans Distinguished EmeritusSEBSNutritional SciencesNo Keywords Entered
Fitzgerald, Nurgul Associate Professor/Extension SpecialistSEBSNutritional Sciencescommunity nutriton, diabetes
Gillies, Peter Professor/Director, New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition and HealthSEBSIFNHLipids, nutritional genomics, child health
Hoffman, Daniel J.Associate ProfessorSEBSNutritional Sciencesbody composition, energy metabolism
Miller, Joshua WilliamProfessor and ChairSEBSNutritional SciencesVitamin D, Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, Folic Acid, Folate, Vitamin B2, Riboflavin, Cognitive Function, Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine, Vitamin B12, Cobalamin, Homocysteine, Blood Pressure, Hypertension
Palmer-Keenan, Debra M.Associate Extension Specialist and NJ SNAP-Ed & EFNEP DirectorSEBSNutritional SciencesFood Security, Physical Activity, Social Marketing, Nutrition education
Rao, Salome PapaspyrouAssistant ProfessorSEBSNutritional SciencesNo Keywords Entered
Sampath, Harini Assistant ProfessorSEBSNutritional SciencesIntestinal microbiome, DNA damage, Mitochondrial Function, Body weight regulation
Shapses, Sue A.Professor and Team Leader, New Jersey Obesity GroupSEBSNutritional Sciencesvitamin D, calcium and bone metabolism, body composition (adipose, bone, lean tissue), metabolic syndrome and gastrointestinal peptides, weight loss
Storch, Judith Professor, Co-Director of Graduate ProgramSEBSNutritional Scienceslipid, fatty acid, cholesterol transport, lipid transport
Tangel, Barbara L.Assistant Teaching Professor, Director of the Didactic Program in DieteticsSEBSNutritional Sciencesdietetics, DPD
Watford, Malcolm ProfessorSEBSNutritional Sciencesglyceroneogenesis, amino acids, protein, metabolic regulation, glutaminase, gluconeogenesis, urea cycle, glutamine, urea
Worobey, John Professor, Director of the Undergraduate Program in Nutritional Sciences SEBSNutritional Sciencesinfant nutrition, temperament, child development, feeding style