Leadership Teams and Boards

Governance and Organization

The governance structure of the IFNH exists to manage and guide the interdisciplinary activities of the institute across the university and the communities it serves. Three organizational bodies are collectively responsible for the governance of the IFNH.

Leadership Advisory Board

The Leadership Advisory Board (LAB) exists to provide university-wide administrative oversight that enables the vision and mission of the IFNH. The LAB is chaired by the institute’s academic home dean, Dr. Robert Goodman, and its membership includes senior Rutgers leadership who are champions and advocates of the IFNH. The current membership of the LAB is listed below.

Leadership Advisory Board Academic Constituency
Peter Gillies, PhD IFNH Founding Director
Robert Goodman, PhD (Chair) Executive Dean, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Michael Gower, MBA Senior Vice President for Finance
Ronald Levine, Esquire Chair, IFNH External Advisory Board
Gwendolyn Mahon, PhD Dean, School of Health Related Professions
Peter March, PhD Executive Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
Felicia McGinty, PhD Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs–New Brunswick
Prabhas V. Moghe, PhD Vice Chancellor of Research & Innovation
Christopher Molloy, PhD, RPh Senior Vice President for Research and Economic Development
Jonathan Potter, D.Phil Dean, School of Communication and Information
Arnold Rabson, MD Director, Child Health Institute of New Jersey
George Stauffer, PhD Dean, Mason Gross School of the Arts
Brian Strom, MD, MPH Chancellor–Rutgers Biomedical and Health Science

External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board (EAB) exists to provide feedback and counsel to the LAB and the IFNH Leadership Team regarding the institute’s performance from a community, state and national perspective. The EAB is chaired by Ronald Levine, Esquire, of Herrick, Feinstein LLP.

IFNH Leadership Teams

The IFNH has two Leadership Teams. A small core team provides financial and operational oversight of the IFNH centers and special services, and a larger extended team that includes the IFNH Program Leaders. The extended leadership team provides broader oversight of IFNH activities to ensure alignment and integration. The current membership of the IFNH Leadership Teams are listed below.

Core Leadership Team IFNH Responsibility
Shawn Arent, PhD Director of the Center for Health and Human Performance
George Carman, PhD Director of the Rutgers Center for Lipid Research
Joseph Charette, BS Executive Director, Dining Services
Peter Gillies, PhD Institute Director
Roger Grillo, MBA Director of Administration & Finance
Daniel Hoffman, PhD Director of the Center for Childhood Education and Nutrition Research
David Krol, MD, MPH Medical Director
Melodee Lasky, MD Assistant Vice Chancellor for Health and Wellness

IFNH Program Leaders:

IFNH Program Leaders IFNH Responsibility
Peter Gillies, PhD Institute Director and Co-Program Leader New Jersey Healthy Kids Initiative
Joshua Miller, PhD Program Leader of One Nutrition
Xenia Morin, PhD Program Leader of Food Systems & Agriculture
Peggy Policastro, PhD Director of Behavioral Nutrition, Program Leader of IFNH Student Ambassadors and Culinry Health & Wellness
Arnold Rabson, MD New Jersey Healthy Kids Initiative
Liping Zhao, PhD Program Leader of Microbiome in Human Nutrition & Health

The IFNH Leadership Team is supported by the following key individuals.

Leadership Support Team IFNH Responsibility
Judy Keller, BS Program Coordinator, Executive Assistant, IFNH
Christopher Gunning, RDN Clinical Nutritionist and Social Media
Amy Mathys, BS Business Specialist
Melissa McKillip, BA Vice Dean of Advancement for SEBS

IFNH Committees

The IFNH Building Council exists to provide administrative oversight of the building and its residents with respect to the physical operations of the building and matters related to safety, security and community cooperativity. The current membership of the Building Council is listed below.

Building Council IFNH Affiliation
Shawn Arent Human Performance Laboratory
George Carman IFNH Center for Lipid Research
Dave Donion Harvest IFNH
Roger Grillo (Chair) IFNH Administration
Dan Hoffman IFNH Center for Childhood Nutrition Education & Research
Ian Keith Harvest IFNH
Melodee Lasky Cook-Douglass Student Health Clinic
Amy Mathys IFNH Administration
Cynthia Stitt Cook-Douglass Student Health Clinic

The IFNH Joint Finance Committee exists to provide oversight of the IFNH business model and provides advice and counsel to the IFNH Director and the IFNH Leadership Advisory Board. The current membership of the Joint Finance committee is listed below.

Joint Finance Committee University Affiliation
Marilyn Chickey Student Affairs
Lisa Estler SEBS
Roger Grillo (Chair) IFNH
JoAnne Williams SAS