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Make an Impact

Our focus is donor-centric, mindful of what the donors and the Institute's constituents want to accomplish with their money. We recognize the importance of donors' intentions and facilitate the necessary interactions to support the New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition, and Health (IFNH) and Rutgers.

Support for the IFNH enables the Institute to enhance research projects through instrumentation, travel to present at conferences, and other research expenses. Both undergraduate and graduate students also conduct research and provide outreach activities for the community alongside the faculty.

The IFNH and the Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine are co-leading one of the Rutgers Signature Initiatives - The Rutgers University Microbiome Program. Transforming the landscape of microbiome research and training, Rutgers will directly improve human and environment wellness by focusing on identifying and characterizing the key members of the microbiome essential for keeping us healthy, conserving microbiota to ensure long-term health, and accelerating the translation of scientific discoveries to therapies.

One program at the IFNH is the New Jersey Healthy Kids Initiative. Its mission is to improve child health by conducting research to develop evidence-based education and practice programs in nutrition and physical activity. The NJHKI's vision is that New Jersey children will be the healthiest in the country. It will serve as a formidable new voice in the broader national dialogue surrounding child health.

Some opportunities to make an impact include:

  1. NJ Healthy Kids Initiative Support Fund
    The NJHKI was launched with a $3 million three-year grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It has additional support from such funders as the Horizon Foundation for New Jersey. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will match up to $1 million, dollar for dollar, support for the New Jersey Healthy Kids Initiative. You can help us turn a $3 million grant into $5 million with your donation.
  2. Nutritional Sciences Preschool Gift Fund for Support of its Students

Thank you for making an impact for the Rutgers New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition, and Health.

For more information about giving to IFNH, please contact Melissa McKillip, Associate Dean of Philanthropy & Strategic Partnerships at 848-932-4214, or


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