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Science & Technology Improving Agriculture, Nutrition, and Yield

Solor Panel Zambia
In a partnership with Rutgers University, farmers in Zambia installed solar arrays to power irrigation.

Field of basil.
Professor James Simon and his lab have breed 4 varieties of downy mildew resistant basil. Featured in this photo are fields of sweet basil cv. Rutgers Obsession DMR grown by commercial farm, Illinois.
Brazil diet.
Researchers from Rutgers University, Nutrition Department, work with school children in Brazil.

Field of basil.
Rutgers University is home to several research greenhouses with cutting edge technology using hydroponic beds.
Jim Simon inspeting catnip.
RUCAFE works with agriculture and horticulture plants to introduce value-added products such as natural plant-based insect and pest repellents against mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests, a project in partnership with the Rutgers Center for Vector Biology.