Kudos to IFNH Student Ambassadors

The past few weeks have been a time of accomplishments and accolades for IFNH Student Ambassadors. Not only have all senior IFNH ambassadors been successfully matched for dietetic internships, but they have many other recent achievements:

Taylor Palm has been named New Jersey Outstanding Dietetic Student in a Didactic Program. This prestigious title is awarded to only one student in New Jersey and Taylor is the perfect recipient. The award is based on college and community achievements, honors and awards, for which Taylor has achieved many during her tenure as an IFNH Student Ambassador. From working with former Pastry Chef of the White House, Bill Yosses, on a cooking event for children to presenting research at two national Food and Nutrition Conferences and Exhibitions (Houston, TX, 2014 and Nashville, TN, 2015), Taylor has showcased her many talents. Since completing her academic career in Jan 2016, Taylor has remained active in the field of nutrition, volunteering at the RWJUH Outpatient Pediatric Department. Taylor will return to the IFNH in June, along with IFNH current and alum Student Ambassadors, for the Rutgers Foundation Spring Reveal. Taylor will receive her award at the New Jersey Dietetic Association Annual Meeting on May 6, 2016.

William (Bill) Cornelius was honored with the title of Rutgers Student Employee of the Year-Third Place at the 2016 Student Employee of the Year Celebration Luncheon held on April 14, 2016. In addition to a plaque detailing the award, Bill received a $100 check. Bill was nominated for the award due to his stellar leadership work as an IFNH Student Ambassador and his never ending enthusiasm to be involved in all activities ranging from representing the IFNH at high profile events, nutrition education activities in the dining hall, including initiating the Meatless Monday campaign, and research presented at the Aresty Undergraduate Research Symposium and the 2015 National Food and Nutrition Exhibition in Nashville, TN.

Rebecca Tonnessen completed a George H. Cook Honors Thesis entitled: The Healthy Campus Environmental Audit: An Evaluation of the Food Environment at Rutgers University. Rebecca worked diligently on this two year research project and the end result was remarkable. She successfully defended her research thesis on April 15, 2016 and will graduate from the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences this May as a George H. Cook Scholar.

The entire team of IFNH Student Ambassadors has been nominated for a New Brunswick Chancellor's Undergraduate Student Leadership Award. The award winners will be announced at an awards gala scheduled for the evening of May 3, 2016.