Thematic programs represent cross-cutting scientific themes that create synergy among the various centers. Thematic programs, like centers, are eligible for financial support from the Endowed Research Fund to enable their development. More information may be obtained by contacting the program liaisons directly.

  • Advanced Nutrition explores emerging technologies that are driving the frontiers of food and nutrition research.
  • Childhood Obesity explores the social and biological determinants of health with the goal of putting children on a healthy weight and lifestyle trajectory.
  • Community Outreach & Education offers health education enrichment programs through Rutgers Cooperative Extension.
  • One Nutrition is an interdisciplinary program that explores the universality of the food and nutrition experience, whether too much or too little, across academic disciplines through the lens of systems dynamics.
  • Health Information technology in the 21st Century recognizes and explores how internet technologies and "smart" devices capture data and influence the development of healthy lifestyles.
  • Forum for Food Policy, Law and Ethics is a convening platform to examine critical issues facing the future of food at the Venn intersection of science, consumers, food industry, government, and NGOs.
  • Student Ambassadors communicate the mission of making "New Jersey the Healthy State" to the Rutgers community and New Jersey at large and provide insight on the student experience.