Testing Services

There are a number of fitness and performance assessments that the Rutgers Center for Health & Human Performance (CHHP) has the ability to perform. We are capable of testing all populations, from athletes to office workers, with our goal being to improve your health and performance. These tests serve as a needs analysis allowing us to customize your training program. The primary assessments include:

VO2max (Cardiorespiratory Fitness): $130

VO2 testing will assess your aerobic capacity (or "endurance") and ability to perform dynamic exercise for prolonged periods. While connected to state-of-the-art equipment, you will run on a treadmill or ride a bike until you reach your maximal effort. This is one of the "gold standard" tests to determine your health status, as a low level of cardiorespiratory fitness is associated with increased risk of chronic diseases. A high level of cardiorespiratory fitness is protective against diseases such as coronary artery disease and type II diabetes.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR): $130

RMR is the amount of energy you need for physiological function, with no additional activity. Essentially, it is the amount of calories you would burn if you sat on the couch all day. RMR is an important measure because it accounts for approximately 70% of your total daily energy expenditure.

Body Composition: $60

Body composition refers to what we are made up of, specifically fat and muscle mass. Due to the health-related implications of having excess body fat, measuring your body composition is better than just measuring your weight. The CHHP uses the BOD POD to do this. The BODPOD is one of the "gold standards" for this type of assessment and allows for the calculation of your body fat percentage, fat mass, and fat free mass.

Muscular Strength and Power: $60

Muscular strength is a vital component of fitness. You may not realize it but you do things every day that require strength; from carrying groceries to walking up stairs. To assess muscular strength we utilize a testing protocol that allows us to safely determine upper-body and lower-body strength. This information can be used to more effectively develop a detailed and individualized exercise prescription to help you reach your goals.

Power is one of the most critical elements of athletic performance. A number of studies have shown that power may be equally (or even more) important for success than VO2max. We utilize a vertical jump mat that measures your vertical jump height. Then, we are able to determine your power production ability. Vertical jump height is correlated to speed and lower-body strength. Therefore, it has direct carry-over to all athletic events. This test is also indicative of your recovery status and readiness to train. Power is the first training variable affected by overtraining and can be used as an indicator to alter your exercise intensity throughout a training program.

Assessment Packages

Advanced Assessment: $180

  • Includes BodPod, Power, Strength, and VO2max testing

VIP Assessment: $220

  • Includes BodPod, RMR, Power, Strength, and VO2max testing

While each test provides its own unique value the sum of the results yields your complete fitness profile. This profile gives us the information needed to develop the best possible training program for YOU!!!

As we like to say here at the CHHP, "Assess, don't guess!"

To schedule appointment, contact Michelle Arent, michelle.arent@rutgers.edu.